Total Solar Eclipse 2009


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Photos were taken from my village Rangalirbas of Nageshwari Upozilla from District of Kurigram, Bangladesh. Equipment I used was a Canon 5D MarkII Camera with a 70-200mm Canon IS Lseries lens. Used a professional Menfrotto Tripod.

Wikipedia has published my photos for their documentation and also this photos were published in my Facebook account ( I am now uploading the high res version to my flickr account (

So far I know no one got a clear of eclipse due to cloud. I was lucky! If you need any picture of mine for your publication you may contact me directly.

Happy Solar Eclipse!


  1. I am developing an online introduction to astronomy here at the University of Illinois. I would like to use your great images of the 2009 eclipse. The images would be behind a password protected website and I will give credit and any links you wish.
    May I have permission to use them?

    1. Hi,
      Greetings from Bangladesh. Feel free to use it for your work. If you need high res version please let me know. You can contact me at LRnirjhar at or 424.260.3448.