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This Is My Story

Started my dream to become a pirate in my childhood. But couldn’t pursue that because of the sea was about 700 km away from my home village. But tried all the odds in my childhood and had a real colorful one! There was clouds, rain and there was river.

And now from Dhaka, Bangladesh trying to do many things. Still I am pursuing to become the boy who left his village and still have clouds in his mind!

I am almost 24/7 online. So you can count on me.

This is my key job responsibility. Wanna bet?

I am blessed!



  1. Dear Sir,

    As a member of a Dutch Astronomical Society I searched
    the web for pictures of 22 july 2009 solar eclips,since most expeditions failed to produce any good pictures due to cloud conditions.

    I found your pictures; thank you for publishing on
    the net!

    I am still curious about the place and circumstances
    where you took the pictures.

    Perhaps you are willing to inform me at that point?

    With kind regards,

    Rinus Francke,

    Arnhem, Netherlands.

    1. Hi,
      I took those photos from Kurigram district of Bangladesh. For the location please google it. The photo is in wikipedia for the reference. Cheers.

  2. Brother, “You are interested in everything” it is great sentence to me. I also think so but I am a stupid I actualy cant do anything properly. Now I am interested in photography.