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An Achiever’s Guide to Business Automation Process (BPA)0 CommentsSeptember 9, 2015by KaritKarma LimitedBPA, CRM, erp, HRM, Leave a commentLet’s just dive head on. Why go for a Business Process Automation software to begin with? Sure, you could have your accounts guy with his Microsoft Excel sheet take care of his end for you. And maybe the supervisor you hired can oversee and administer day to day business activities?Like all successful entrepreneurs, do look into the future, though? Let me make it easy. Take your startup, for instance — think a year ahead. You have more employees to manage the increasing amounts of workload that you just can’t handle and soon enough you find your yearly returns to be no better than last year.Maybe machines taking over jobs is inevitable anyway. And it’s okay as long as it does refer back to helping you? This is where your BPA software comes in. Do consider the following schemes.Break out of the understanding that your BPA software only does your accounts. It in reality offers much more than you comprehend. From streamlining communication between the company hierarchy to enforcing accountability among your staff (and yourself) — from cutting down on errors and placing terms on black and white to curtailing costs and capital due to inefficiency.Maximizing efficiency — an obvious ‘go to’ place for your business. It goes without saying that forwarding emails down a chain of command is easier off when you don’t have to remember or even note down the ids of everyone in the group. But of course, this facet of efficiency goes beyond that. Imagine a company self-run, if you will — with an eliminated need of tardy middlemen and agents to pull through what you’ve been aiming at.Company records, data and transactions are all stored in one base, making it easy for you to look back on past mistakes, rectify or learn from it or even account the person in the chain for the error – not to mention an elevated transparency in the whole process. From restricted areas of the database available to directors to those available to all make the business a well formed process to be customized to your liking.An analysis of the said data will have a far reaching use. Looking back at the evolution of your company — from a small startup to where you’ve come today can certainly make way for future decisions and facilitate in shaping your business. Your BPA software will single handedly provide for an insight that you needed all along, one much more precise than what countless general meetings of the company will ever produce.Investing on Business Process Automation will in every way be the best thing that happened to your company, be it the biggest of its sort or a small startup struggling to find itself. It remains only rational to hand over a majority of your work to a software that doesn’t err and say no to the excessive number of employees taking up salary and space. With the way the world keeps changing, it only makes sense to get more done in a 500 square feet office than less in a million dollar sluggish workplace. With increasing number of professionals resorting to BPAs, this little phenomenon is no longer a thing of the future. Your one time investment is guaranteed to pay off.

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WordPress MultiSite to Single Site

I was searching for a solution to convert WordPress multisite to single site (default). Found lots of article which was helpful but somehow didn’t finish their steps. However I did solve this issue. Here what I did.

  1. I took the backup from the multisite instance using the export tool of WordPress. Did that for the particular site to be converted into single site.
  2. Backed up the whole multisite folder.
  3. Delete the multiste folder from server.
  4. Drop the database tables.
  5. Install the new wordpress (fresh install).
  6. Upload the wp-uploads, themes, plugin folder.
  7. Import the wordpress .xml file which was exported from particular multisite.
  8. Check Download images from link.
  9. I am done.

The trick is when the importer looking for the linked image it will find the server has the image location same so the system simply maintain the image link in the database.

Then just activated the desired theme with my plugins.


Mac Snow Leopard Time Machine Network Restore

I am writing on my blog after decade. But today is a bit more geeky to write.

I had set up a FreeNAS (www.freenas.org) storage array in my office data center. Created an afp (Apple Filing Protocol) share on my NAS (time capsule are expensive). That afp was configure as time capsule mode. So rest of the story is more generic. My TimeMachine is on my NAS and I was quite happy until the disaster.

My mac was crashed due an experiment. Then it was obvious I have to restore it from my TimeMachine and this is my story.

Unfortunately in recovery mode network TimeMachine backup will not appear. I had to manage it anyway. So what I did:

1. On recovery mode opened the terminal (love it).
2. Created a directory TimeMachine to mount my NAS share. For that just did it on Volumes. so did
$mkdir /Volumes/TimeMachine /Volumes/TimeMachine
$ mount -t afp afp://user:password@afpserver.local/ShareName /Volumes/TimeMachine <<this will mount my the afp share volume. <<you can use your ip instead. 

It was quite right in step. But unfortunately Restore process was not able to detect my backup volume where I can see my volume is properly mounted. Then found without hdid it can’t be done. Then did:

hdid /Volumes/TimeMachine/myBackup.sparsebundle

And now another story began. My volume can’t be open because of an error. This was most frustrated for me. Then suddenly realize need to reset my FreeNAS. Because that was running for quite a long time. I restarted it and did the step again and this time it was quite perfect. I have restored my MacBook Pro and writing the blog post on it now.

As my backup size was more than 460GB so I use a 1gbps wired connection rather than wifi N. That also took more than 2hours.

If you care for your data you must back it up. TimeMachine is always a good solution for mac users but don’t purchase the expensive storage. Make your own NAS/SAN using OpenSource technologies and use it in your own capacity.

This is the story for today. Will write back here for another geek story on a performance issue of web services.

Optimized: Don’t worry Bangladesh!

Two days ago I was present in an event by Bangladesh Search Engine Optimization Group at Dhanmondi Lake, Dhaka, Bangladesh. That was quite an interesting event for me because there was hope. The hope I was seeking for to enlighten my dreams. There was IT professionals and those are not even earning more than 600$ a month but the quantity was huge. They didn’t have any good educational background but good technical skill they had.

They were talking about their success. One person was conveying his struggle in this field. He started his career after his Secondary School Certificate exam. Struggled till his college education and in the same time started learning SEO and web development. And today his monthly income is more than 500$ USD.

Another fellow was talking about his story when he started SEO. At first his income was 87cents a month. After learning SEO his monthly income is around 600$ USD now.

I met lots of Content, web developers. Lots of Affiliated programmars and SEO marketers. I found hope. These people are the mainstream IT people for Bangladesh. Because I didn’t find any empty eyes. Their eyes was full of confidence. They are earning lots of foreign currency through Odesk, Elance and Guru. Salute you guys.

My First Sketch


After getting the Wacom Intuos4 I tried to sketch for the first time in my life. Well tried to draw my daughter, Roopkotha.

I used ArtRage Studio Pro software for this. Used Pencil and Chalk tool on a regular Canvas paper.

Can anyone tell me from where or how I can draw better as I never went to any drawing school. Any suggestion?