Microsoft is not ready for x64 operations!

The reasons I am still using Windows platform are Microsoft Office Suits and Live Writer. I am not a regular blogger but really very fancy about it. I need the fantastic windows live writer. I am really happy.

Microsoft Outlook is my favorite tool to manage Contacts, Tasks, Calendars and Mails. This is my primary RSS reader too. Few months back I installed Office 2010 x64 version and this story began.

As I have multiple workstations and laptops and have some none exchange email accounts to manage so need a tool to synchronize Contacts and Calendars. Lucky me, plaxo ( did this part for the last few years. After getting into x64 platform of office this great tool failed to work. Enough nightmare!

Again my windows mobile 6.1 phone got stack. Windows mobile center can’t recognize outlook x64! Pretty funny, huh? Tried all technet forums, facebook groups and personally informed some friends at Microsoft and the result is zero! Microsoft doesn’t care. Still I wonder why they’ve introduce x64 version of office 2010?


Today I have uninstalled Office 2010 x64 and installed Office 2010 x86 again. Dear Microsoft thanks for creating some hundreds registry entry. Thanks a lot!

Sorry to say: Microsoft is not ready for x64 yet!

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Live Writer is the best for Blogging

Today I tried Adobe Contribute CS5 for writing blog and posted one entry <<here. Found lots of problem and bugs. First of all it didn’t integrate my tags in WordPress. The insertion of object is really difficult here.

The best thing in Contribute is: After using it I just tuning up my Windows Live Writer with some use plug ins. Now I am quite OK with it. Thank you Microsoft for the greatest tool for blogging!


Now can anyone tell me why I’ll not use windows? Man can afford a mac. Because mac doesn’t have a similar tool like Live Writer.

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First Blog Post With Adobe Contribute CS5


I am writing the text now. Let me add some photos here.

Great. Image added. Now let me try with some other thing.

Table Table Table
Testing Testing Testing
Format Checking Format

Adding a PDF document here.

Ok. Still my vote is for windows live writer. I am a bit confused why I will use this software for my blogging? Any good answer? Please let me know.

GSE Countdown 2010 South Africa

mzl.ekxfpbhy.320x480-75 Greatest show on Earth is ticking. Countdown began long time ago. My company Nazimcorp Resource Gateway (NRG) made a wonderful iPhone application on this event. It is called GSE Countdown. You can download it free from Appstore. Here is the appstore link: . We’ve submitted this application long time ago but appstore team refused several times due to copyright violation. Their point was “Fifa and World Cup” are copyrighted things by Fifa. Very funny! Special thanks to Mr. Rabbi, our graphic in charge for the excellent work. And all credit goes Mr. Tanim, our core engineer.


I already installed it on my iPhone. Now waiting for the moment. And eventually my company will release 98 free application on world cup football 2010. Just search with “Nazimcorp” in Appstore and you’ll get all the free application.

Still there are some free application at our grip. Those are also very interesting you can have them installed on your devices. Happy Worldcup!