About Me

by nirjhar
Photographer: Lutfa Mahmuda, Shanti Niketon.

This Is My Story

Started my dream to become a pirate in my childhood. But couldn’t pursue that because the sea was about 700 km away from my home village. But tried all the odds in my childhood and had a really colourful one! There was clouds, rain and there was a river.

And now from Dhaka, Bangladesh trying to do many things. Still, I am pursuing to become the boy who left his village and still have clouds in his mind!

I am almost 24/7 online. So you can count on me.

This is my key job responsibility. Wanna bet?

Apart from my other half, I am the Head of IT of The Daily Star, the most popular newspaper in Bangladesh. Also, I am the Managing Director of two companies: Karitkarma Limited and Kuhok Limited.

I am blessed!