Is Blog my Diary?

Today I am feeling very lonely. I can feel the flow of love inside me but can’t express it anyhow or to anything. Even I didn’t take any pictures for last two days. May be I am living with deep depression now a day and that’s bound me not be jolly anymore.

Wish me luck.

A picture for yo guys:

Winter Morning Tea StallI

I took this photo from Zahangir Nagar University Campus (Bot Tola). Tea was really great. I enjoyed it most.

I’ve visited Smriti Soudho at Last!

I am here in Dhaka since 1994. Long days, huh? But I didn’t visit the Smriti Soudho of Savar. Several times I went to Savar but didn’t get any chance to visit this popular place!

At last I have visited this place last week. And today I am sharing the pictures.

Jatiyo Smriti Soudho Savar Monument

National Martyrs’ Memorial is a monument in Bangladesh. It is the symbol of the valour and the sacrifice of the martyrs of the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971, which brought the independence of Bangladesh from Pakistani rule. The monument is located in Savar, about 35 Kilometres north-west of the capital, Dhaka.

🙂 🙂

Jatiyo Smriti Soudho SavarI Took this photo with my Nikon D80 DSLR with 18-135mm Nikor DX ED lens.


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