One Dish Party (!) 16 December 08

Post Update:

Dear Readers,

In a response of some permission issues, I had to remove the photographs. Sorry for the inconvenience.


It is true and pathetic to become a Nerd. Yea this nerdy atmosphere which I had created in my entire career is nothing but a unsocial one. So being social (or trying to be) is a bad idea for me. I am not fit for this society. Well this is an Statement. I mean it.


The Food … waits ….


  1. thanks everyone, those who contribute with me,thanks nirjhar dal ta khub mojar chilo…
    eva,nadia,mrittika,disha,sunny,shumon,chondon,ar tarif thanks aojon take complete korar jonno…

    1. jodi tai hote hoi, hobo. somossa kothai? So called samajikotar dhar dhari na. Oto samajik (!) daiboddhota nai amar. Ami jemon achi, temoni thakbo. Nishi podder modhu khabar basona nai.

    1. ami khepi nai to. tobe samajikota (!) dekhe dekhe hotash. amra jor kore nijeder prothishtha kori onner jonno. sokiyota vule porokiyota niye bachar chesta kori. ami oi doler moddhe nai. jani kono bondhu bandhob thakbe na. tobuo!

    1. Ok man. From now on I’ll put a English version always. :). Happy now? I’ll publish some recipes too. Nice to meet you! Thanks for the try (to read my blog). Btw do you like the theme and design?

  2. There is no point in trying to fit in a already screwed up society.

    The society in which we live in (the web) is much better and serves us pretty damn fine.

    “We are from the Internets”