Live Writer is the best for Blogging

Today I tried Adobe Contribute CS5 for writing blog and posted one entry <<here. Found lots of problem and bugs. First of all it didn’t integrate my tags in WordPress. The insertion of object is really difficult here.

The best thing in Contribute is: After using it I just tuning up my Windows Live Writer with some use plug ins. Now I am quite OK with it. Thank you Microsoft for the greatest tool for blogging!


Now can anyone tell me why I’ll not use windows? Man can afford a mac. Because mac doesn’t have a similar tool like Live Writer.

[cb type=”product”]windows-live-writer[/cb]

One thought on “Live Writer is the best for Blogging

  1. Hi Nirjhar.

    Personally I believe that we should not use any interface like Microsoft Live writer. Since blog is a kind of web2.0 all the interface should be web based. So just visit that web (like word press) and post your content. Personally when I need quick post without leaving that page, I use Scribefire.

    Glad to read your blog. Recently I started to write blog again at

    Dr. Mashiur Rahman

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