Last day was my blood donation day

BackGround_01 I have started donating blood since 1998 when I was just 18. I have a rare group of blood; A Negative. Last day one person from Quantum Lab (Quantum Yoga Foundation) called and remind me that I have to give blood as I have passed 4months and this time for a little baby girl. I went there and did it.

After last day I have did it for 3times in Quantum and now I am their live long donor. They’ll provide me an ID and a Crest by a ceremony. They asked me to come if they call for the ceremony and I replied that is impossible. Because I’ll be busy. I’ll miss the program I think. But I am happy. My drop of bloods will save someone. This is really a great feelings. I am happy.

I did a great mistake last day. After donating blood I have walked some miles. And in a immediate result my physiology collapsed. And I went faint when I reached my home. Today I am feeling better.

4 thoughts on “Last day was my blood donation day

  1. as a regular donor, u should have well known about that. however, such problem is temporary if you got any!
    main thing is better feeling right now…
    see you…

  2. Its nice to know bout you. I am a life time donor of Quantum too. Welcome to the group of saving people. Your comments helps people to donate blood…. wish u every success in life

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