My Facebook account disabled

by nirjhar
1 minutes read

Was a true helper to recover a hacked Facebook account from a long time. During the helping process used my phone number to recover someone’s account and forgot to ask them to remove my number from their account. Now as a community standard and terms of use violation, Facebook disabled my account. This was started with Instagram services.

Just reported the issue to Facebook Inc. Hope they will help me to regain access to my assets. In the meantime, I will post in my blog. This is the only way to be connected I guess. Don’t know how many of my friends (or reader or family) will follow this blog post.

I took this incident as an opportunity. For many years tried to write in English but never tried it because of my English knowledge. Was very comfortable with Bengali (as my native one) but for English, I was felt like a callow. Still, need to figure out how to use #hash data here.

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Imran Hossen May 11, 2019 - 10:28 pm

Sorry to know this. Hope you will back the account again.


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