Finding the highest peak!

by nirjhar

image There is a confusion exist: What is the highest peak in Bangladesh. Where Keokaradang is said to be highest (upon WikiPedia). Few months back some young expeditors found more than this by GPS. After their findings highest peak is SAKA HAPHONG with 3488 feet of height. Here is the latest news:

A two-month expedition of Nature Adventure Club and North Alpine Club Bangladesh begins today.
The clubs will start the expedition in at least 25 hills and lakes of Bandarban and Rangamati measuring at least 3,000 feet in heights.
The clubs have already formed a team consisting 10 members.
The team members are

  • Wadud Mohsin Rubel
  • Musa Ibrahim
  • Sazzad Hossain
  • Nurul Riyad Han
  • Shashanka Saha
  • Arman Khan
  • Sakib Ahmed
  • Mohammad Rafeh Uddin Siraji
  • Touhid Hossain
  • Debabrata Das Limon.

The team will measure the actual heights of the hills by global positioning system (GPS) device and altimeter and will set up nameplates in the hills.
The clubs will create a list of the peaks according to the information they have been gathering since 1990.
The expedition will end in October this year
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1 comment

wasimul akram August 12, 2009 - 11:05 pm

apni apnader gps device-er model-er nam bolechhen. kintu device guli kothay pabo? ami anek khujlam kintu kothao pai nai. r akta kotha, amar height: 5’8″, weight: 52kg. ami ki apnader club-a jog dite parbo?

please janaben, opekkhay thakbo.


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