Khaza Kaku

by nirjhar

Riazul Haque Khaza: A freedom fighter. I took this photo from my village. I request him to seat in our living room that day for this photograph.

I met him when I was fourteen. He came to our family business as a truck driver. My father knew him and his family personally. He was a calm kind of person. He was just a driver to me who drive our heavy trucks. He doesn’t like to speak much. A mute being.


I took this photo as my class assignment. He is a war hero. A freedom fighter from 1971's liberation war.

His name is Riazul Haque but widely it is Khaza. I asked him about this name and he replied nothing special. Most of the people don’t know about his real name. The poor people from village don’t waste time by thinking of a real name and use the short form. So Mohammad Riazul Haque became Khaza permanently.


From my village Rangalirbash, Kurigram. I took this photo from our balcony.

Since 2008 he was not mentionable to any means. He was a ordinary person with lots of ego. My father mentioned his family was elite but for some unexpected issues he is poor now. In 2008 my sister told me he is a freedom fighter. From that day he is very special to me.


Riazul Haque Khaza: From our garden while he was taking his tea.

He is no longer a driver to our family business but a manager now. He is my father’s first man now. Few months ago I asked him about the war and he described his days. He was wounded by bullet that time. He was very brave.

He is my Khaza Kaku (uncle) a brave war hero who fought for this country. A very egoist person. A family member of mine. I am very proud to be a part of my family.

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