The Selected Color that I Can Feel!

a common flower in different way

There was time when I can write easily. Now those are history. Instead of writing now I can take photos. May be it is good for me. I have started taking photos when I was 7 by the inspiration of my Photographer uncle Kabir. For the information, I grew up in the village; a real remote one. Still there is not electricity in 2008!

Few months before my friend Bratya Raisu (Writer, Poet, Philosopher, Editor, Painter) told me “Why you are not starting writing again? You’ve a colorful childhood.” I didn’t answer to his question because I was searching myself. And Finally I realized my pasts are really vast.

In the very morning I have started writing on my blog. For this purpose my ex-colleague Shafqat Ahmed ( inspired me. He told me I have many versatile things to write such as Computing, Internet, Web Technology, Hacking, Networking, Photography, Writing, Music, Traveling. Well it is a huge category. But from today I’ll do this.

I took this photo from Ishmam’s playground in Lalmatia, Dhaka. This is a common flower in Bangladesh. We called it “JOBA”. I didn’t do any Photoshop work here. I just played with the RAW processing.

I used my Nikon D80 with a 300mm Macro lens.