The Story of Dust

by nirjhar

I am very familiar with bricks field since I was a kid as it is my family business. I have studied bricks industries years and found some issue. Though it is a cause of pollution and global warming but in some cases places like Kurigram where  no industries persist it is helpful. It helps people not to migrate to cities. Also this industries help fighting against poverty.


Workers are carrying raw bricks from the stock into burning chamber. In Kurigram district there are no industries except bricks manufacturing industries.


Chimney of Bricks Field. Previously there was no fixed chimney. As those were threat to nature due to massive pollution Government enforce manufacturers to use 120ft tall fixed chimney. Though pollution level is minimal but it is a great initiator for Global Warming.


Using wood is restricted in Bricks Field by Government. These dead bamboo roots are using as supplementary fuel to bricks field with coal. Climate victims from Brahmaputra river side are the main supplier of bamboo roots.


After the burning process Red Bricks are collected. Workers need to work in dusty atmosphere. One Thousand red bricks harvesting cost is 50Tk (73cents). Workers make 150-200Tk per day by this job.


Dead bamboo roots are not suitable to burn in a raw position. Workers are chopping and sorting the roots to burn.


Brick producing workers are very poor. They don't live in a house which is built by bricks.


This is the main carrier to supply bamboo roots, bricks, soil in a brick filed at Kurigram. Condition is as like as the workers.


Child labor is a prime at bricks field at Kurigram. High level of poverty bound them to work from childhood.


Female workers is a major in bricks field. Unfortunately their wage is less than male workers.


This is my friend Rashid. I used to play with him on my childhood. He is now a red-bricks puller. It could be me if I wasn't born in a rich family.

This is story of dust because in a brick field just is the superior visible and invisible substances. Most of the cases worker of this arena suffered from lung diseases.  If owners aware the workers to use a mask on their face that will be a great help to them.

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Tania Bulbul April 24, 2010 - 10:08 pm

good work.
You can submit a proposal to ministry of health regarding this issue as a part of an awareness programme.

Nirjhar April 24, 2010 - 10:14 pm

Good idea. I’ll try to do it. I will ask you. Thanks for the valuable comment. 🙂

M.Abdul Motin. August 29, 2010 - 5:42 pm

Nirjhar Vi I have become too much glad to your such awarness at this kind of circumstance. Ok .But at this we should not be depressed.Everybody knows that we are poor.But it is a matter of joy that one day America had totally dependent on ,I think ,if all of us try to solve this problem like you ,we must prevail to the end.In conclusion I can easily be said that you must submit this issue to the ministry of health and nutrition as soon as possible without hesitation.


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