WordPress MultiSite to Single Site

by nirjhar

I was searching for a solution to convert WordPress multisite to single site (default). Found lots of article which was helpful but somehow didn’t finish their steps. However I did solve this issue. Here what I did.

  1. I took the backup from the multisite instance using the export tool of WordPress. Did that for the particular site to be converted into single site.
  2. Backed up the whole multisite folder.
  3. Delete the multiste folder from server.
  4. Drop the database tables.
  5. Install the new wordpress (fresh install).
  6. Upload the wp-uploads, themes, plugin folder.
  7. Import the wordpress .xml file which was exported from particular multisite.
  8. Check Download images from link.
  9. I am done.

The trick is when the importer looking for the linked image it will find the server has the image location same so the system simply maintain the image link in the database.

Then just activated the desired theme with my plugins.


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