Global Warming Impacting Us…

by nirjhar
2 minutes read

My class teacher gave an assignment on environmental portraiture. He suggested us to pick a subject for the next 3month. I chose Global Warming and Impacts. Here is the first three photos of my project.

Akbar Ali Kurigram

This is Akbar Ali who is a Rickshaw Puller from Kurigram. The water level of Brahmaputra River during rainy season is increasing harmonically every year. And destruction by the river is massive now a day. People are losing their lands and become poor. He is one of them.




Rahman, Rickshaw Puller, Kurigram. Victim. He used be a Boatman. Now the river is too big to carry people with a manual boat. Big boys implemented machine boat their for ferry. He lost his job.




Younus Ali, Rickshaw Puller, Kurigram. victim. River damaged his lands.

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