Digital Bangladesh and Our Future

Three years ago I was thinking about the way to populate computing in mass population of Bangladesh. And I got a theory. Of course that was hypothetical but I think it can be done now. This is the right time.

My Theory:

To populate computing in mass population the bridge will be political leaders. Currently all major political parties have their own office on every Upo Zilla (Sub District) and those office is always surrounded by people. If those office will have computer and internet connection that’ll be vast way to populate the technology.


If political parties make their end level access with a web solution my theory will be effected immediately. A computer with mobile broadband costs 300$ USD now in Bangladesh. Party office at Upo Zilla can afford it with local fund. Monthly 10$ USD is internet price and that also affordable.

For example Mr. Rahim a worker for a party wants to give a message to chairman of that party from Kurigram. Then the web solution will give him access to convey the message. But those message will not deliver directly to the Chairman. Hierarchic  member will moderate that and if the issue is deliverable it’ll be accelerated to the next level. In this way all party member will tuned up.

Again if the party chairman wish to take a decision from the party members he/she will post a quick poll on that issue and all the party member can participate on that.

I am proposing an enterprise architecture for that party. Why?

Because we’re chasing the slogan “Digital Bangladesh” now. For this great vision for the country all party should be digitalized first.


Positive Points:

Due to mass coverage of cell phone companies internet access and mobile telephony access is vast in Bangladesh. So in other word infrastructure is ready to transmit small amount of data which is more than enough. And Bangladesh has BDIX (Bangladesh Internet Exchange) which is the manger of local traffic path into local stream. So for the local content no need to access the internet. I am telling this because whole country is depending on a single submarine cable. In any point if the cable cut down whole country’s internet is blank. To fight this issue we have to develop our local contents. Solution for the political parties will be the local services. The broad intranet services in real.

Digital Bangladesh:

If we want a real Digital Bangladesh we need to establish high speed intranet to encourage e-governance. This will add values for the data so the people of Bangladesh will care for data services. In this way local data and contents will be more popular. Again for the international communication we need at least another submarine internet connection for this country.

Thinking Digitally:

Still we aren’t thinking digitally in Bangladesh. Most of the transaction, office systems, government organizations are running with traditional system. A fully automated system is required. Otherwise our way of thinking will remain the same.

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