Messengers are being Social!

by nirjhar

I wrote several times that Microsoft Windows Live Writer is my favorite tool to write blog. Few days ago it came with great surprise: Windows Live Essential 2011 was released. It came with Windows Live Writer 2011.


In this new version the basic functionality seems to be untouched and huge changes in User Interface. The interfacing is more like Microsoft’s Office Suite. I am ok with it. But new Windows Live Messenger surprised me a lot. In this new version messenger is Social now! I can add my Facebook and LinkedIn account with it. The live feed can show my Facebook and linkedin updates now. Even I can post my comments on feed from live messenger. Love it!


After this impact Skype surprised me by adding social feature. The new Skype 5.0 has integrated Facebook. Now I can add my Facebook account on it and can share my updates directly from it. Isn’t it great? I am loving it!


Now I am counting on Yahoo messenger. I believe this company will follow the same path but I wonder why they’re always the last!

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