why We’ve to Purchase Antivirus?

Few days ago I went IDB Bhaban, the largest Computer Hardware market in Bangladesh and found a major changes there. Most of the shop are selling various antivirus software and subscription license. Asked few of the seller about customer response and they replied positively. I was happy. At last people are purchasing software license. Very good news for Bangladesh where piracy is in wild range.

Then I visited one of the Microsoft OEM partner there and the shop replied people are purchasing OEM Operating Systems. Very good news indeed. Then I asked who are the consumer of antivirus software like Kaspersky, Norton, Bit Defender, Avast then they replied “The users who are using pirated windows operating system they are the customers”. Then I got the picture. The genuine windows users are using Microsoft Security Essential for their Malware protection purpose. Then I asked the shop “why not you’re suggesting users to purchase original Operating System so that they can avoid costing on antivirus program?” They were pale on that question. Because Microsoft’s Security Essential is free software and they can’t make money on it.

In my opinion Microsoft Security Essential is one of the best antivirus software I have ever seen. All you need a genuine windows nothing else. It can be install on all versions of windows. And it’ll update its engine automatically for the life time. No subscription fee required. I am using this since it was in beta.


The facts:

For other antivirus program you need to subscribe yearly with 10$~50$. That means for 3 years you need at least 30$~150$ which is equivalent to a genuine OEM Operating System. With the genuine operation system your computer will have all the latest security updates and performance issues updated all the time. That’ll be a great advantage for the users who are always seeking for the best performance.

And using the genuine operating system will give you the confident that you’re not into piracy. So why you need a pirated operating system?

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12 thoughts on “why We’ve to Purchase Antivirus?

      1. Thats the point! You want to encourage ppl to replace 50tk CD with 7500tk, but not replace 50tk CD with 50tk CD of Linux and forget about any additional protection software what so ever!

        The new Linux OS are quite user friendly, no longer as difficult as it were for general purpose users.

        1. Because this article is on popular operation system basis. Linux is still not popular in mass people but tech person like us. I don’t have any problem with linux but as a Photographer, Musician and Film Maker I don’t have that option in linux.

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