Optimized: Don’t worry Bangladesh!

by nirjhar

Two days ago I was present in an event by Bangladesh Search Engine Optimization Group at Dhanmondi Lake, Dhaka, Bangladesh. That was quite an interesting event for me because there was hope. The hope I was seeking for to enlighten my dreams. There was IT professionals and those are not even earning more than 600$ a month but the quantity was huge. They didn’t have any good educational background but good technical skill they had.

They were talking about their success. One person was conveying his struggle in this field. He started his career after his Secondary School Certificate exam. Struggled till his college education and in the same time started learning SEO and web development. And today his monthly income is more than 500$ USD.

Another fellow was talking about his story when he started SEO. At first his income was 87cents a month. After learning SEO his monthly income is around 600$ USD now.

I met lots of Content, web developers. Lots of Affiliated programmars and SEO marketers. I found hope. These people are the mainstream IT people for Bangladesh. Because I didn’t find any empty eyes. Their eyes was full of confidence. They are earning lots of foreign currency through Odesk, Elance and Guru. Salute you guys.

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